David and karen


We started this wonderful adventure in the fall of 2012. We began our herd with 2 bred females and 1 juvenile male. We have now grown to 19 alpacas and continue to grow each year. All of our animals are registered Huacayas with some awesome bloodlines including Felix, Finito, Hemmingway, Donatello, Royal Fawn, Don Timbo and more. We are improving our herd with each generation.

My wife and I were not farmers when we began, but we visited several farms and fell in love with these animals and decided, “we can do this”. We each had full time jobs which left little time for anything else, but we have found that these animals are relatively easy to raise without taking up all of our time. But we love spending as much time with our animals as possible. This has been a learn as you go operation, but we have had wonderful support from friends and of course our vet, and we read everything we can get our hands on.

 We have become committed to the alpaca industry and strive to produce the best quality animals and fleece as possible.